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Pretty much to the universe as what happened was a combination of so many forces. Of course the artists, 20 bands, over 50 DJs & MCs, the sound engineers & techs, Justin & the Bug Bar, Chris Coco & everyone at the Chill Out Tent, Love Is The Message, CoOp & Black Octopus, the vendors & traders who made the festival a diverse, curious, fascinating & colourful world upon itself. To Norm, Northbrook College & all those that made the kids area another separate world for the future generations of festival goers, kids totally sold on this experience. To everyone who volunteered, either with warning or without, the collective DIY approach & vibe was ubiquitous all weekend. Of course thanks to the main team for pulling this together purely for the love,
months & months of work paid off.

But the big one…. YOU LOT… this weekend was a testament to the best bunch of humans all revelling, all smiling, all loving & all making the festival one that we all loved so much.

WE ARE LOVE, every single one of us.
See you again
 25th July 2024.

Mickey, Denzie, Sarah, Ben, Matt & Esme.

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